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Discussion on: Whats on your desk?

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Valentin Baca

Fidget cube: keeps my hand busy while I read through code. Otherwise I have the awful habit of picking at my face. I only play with the silent parts at work.

Whiteboard marker, sticky notes, and noise cancelling headphones*

  • it's a common misconception that noise cancelling means "voice cancelling" It certainly does not, but by being around-the-ear headphones, they do help to keep talking out. Nothing would beat pure silence though.
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Matthew Bidewell Author

I would have to try the fidget cube! Sounds like a great idea, as for headphones I'm using a pretty cheap pair, may have to invest in some better ones. Do you have any recommendations?

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Valentin Baca • Edited

I personally have a pair of Bose QC15 which is a older model.

The earpads have worn down after years of use, but they're incredibly comfortable, even with glasses.

I'm a Bose fanboy, so I'm incredibly biased.

Seinhauser are widely considered as having superior sound quality

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The fidget cube is a great idea that I definitely have to try out. I'm constantly picking at my face... I have almost no chin hair(because of the picking) and a full beard lol.. that combo definitely doesn't look good.