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JetBrains Complete Suite (IntelliJ, etc.) - I love love love coding in IntelliJ and I just finally splurged on the complete the suite

Vim & MacVim - for editing everything else that JetBrains doesn't, or when I'm working over ssh

Spotify - I play this playlist nearly every day to "prime" my brain into work mode

Simple invaluable tools:

iTerm - Strictly better than Terminal, assigned a global shortcut

CopyClip - Keeps a running history of items copied to the clipboard. I don't use it every day, but when I do use it, it's a lifesaver

Spectacle - Makes putting windows side-by-side and maximizing windows easy.

Global New Tab Shortcut (Chrome plug-in) - assigned to Cmd+0 for super fast web access

Vimium (Chrome plug-in) - power of vim + Chrome

git-number: Allows you to use numbers in git instead of full path names. Really useful for java projects where the folders are deep.

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