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Discussion on: What is the best mechanical keyboard out there?

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Valentin Baca

I had this one:

It's a dream to type on however I use my left thumb for Apple's Command key and on the mechanical keyboard the button to the left of the space (which I naturally mapped to "Command") was too far to the left.

This made me have to tuck my thumb in if my hand is on the home row. It's just a few centimeters but combined with how often that key is used on macOS, I ironically ended up getting RSI.

I now just stick with the built-in Macbook Pro keyboard.

Just something to keep an eye out for.

Listen to your body.

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Enno Rehling (恩諾)

I still haven't found an external keyboard for the Mac that works for me, but I've used the CM Storm, and the very similar Filco Majestouch 2, with Linux and Windows for years, and love them both. IMHO, macOS just needs too many modifier keys to operate.

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Andrew Breen 👨‍💻

I ended up re-mapping the key layout in OSX for use with this KB. Muscle memory had set in so I kept hitting the wrong keys.

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André König Author

Ah yes, I also considered that keyboard – It is funny that the keys are blank (what I really like!).

Thanks for your briefly field report and I'm sorry to hear that the keyboard caused RSI which is definitely an aspect that speaks against that keyboard.

I hope that you feel better now!