Discussion on: What are signs that you should quit your job?

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  • Being manipulated instead of being led: When your boss is manipulating you to get the job done, instead leading you, you're in the wrong place. Odd thing is that everyone want to hire smartest developers out there, but at the same time some of them try to manipulate these same smart developers like they are chimps. From my experience this includes withholding information about the project and long term goals, giving false deadlines to speed things up, meddling with personal relationships (turning developers against each other) and in general not being honest with you and your colleagues. One of the weirdest things I experienced is when they try to affect actual implementation (without any programming knowledge) with specs manipulation.
    Steve Jobs once said:
    It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.
    You shouldn't hire smart people to manipulate them. It's waste of time for everyone.

  • Blame culture: When bad things happen if your boss asks "Who's fault is this?" instead of "Who can fix this?", you should consider quitting. It's needless to say it's impossible to do anything creative or inspiring in these places.

  • Brown nose syndrome: If it makes it easier to get promoted or it makes your everyday at work easier by kissing your bosses ass, you're again in the wrong place. You will never reach your full potential there, and probably become very frustrated.

  • Inconclusive reward system (or not having one): For example promotions and bonuses are very different across teams, even though there are no obvious reasons for that. Either you're not being recognized, or not being valued enough. Also if your bonuses consist of praises and thank you it's time to move on.

  • Incompetent people evaluate your work: If your code is being evaluated in weird ways it's time to move on. My experience include: counting how many bugs each developer made and then reducing their salaries by some calculation based on number of bugs, using SCRUM backlog as time and attendance system.