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Happy 7th Birthday Docker!

Seven years seems like an eternity in human years, but in Docker years, they turn 7. Looking back on the last seven years is quite amazing, considering where we started. Since the time Docker burst on the scene at Pycon 2013, to the rise of Container Orchestrators. It has been an unbelievable journey.

The introduction of Docker not only changed Developers' lives but also accelerated the adoption of DevOps, introduced the world to an entirely new ecosystem of technologies surrounding containers, and created new job roles. Fast forward to 2020; we now work daily with containers, DevOps, and helping people adopt these technologies.

What's Next for Docker?

Docker is refocusing its efforts in three main areas. The first is the Developer Experience (DX). The main focus here is expanding the functionality of Docker for Desktop and Docker CE.

Next is CI/CD, Docker is now spending more time on Docker Hub and integrations with CI/CD tools such as Docker GitHub Actions. Docker Hub has already received a few new features such as Two Factor Authentication, expanding the search capabilities, and many more in the Roadmap.

The final area is organising Open Source. Docker is returning to its roots here and again, making a big push on Open Source commitment and helping organizations manage their Open Source software.

How can you help make Docker better? Docker has open-sourced its Roadmap. Now, everyone can open feature requests or vote on features in the Docker Roadmap. One such feature is Darragh’s request to implement Linux support in Docker for Desktop, and it is the most commented issue to date.

Docker Roadmap -

Docker Birthday Discounts

A Docker birthday wouldn't be complete without some swag giveaway. This year Docker Captains added a list of discount codes ranging from books to video courses. Check out all the great content.

7th Docker Birthday Challenge

Every year we hosted a community meetup where we would invite the community to complete a Docker birthday challenge. This year is now the exception. Check out the 7th Docker Birthday challenge and earn badges for completing the various tracks.

7th Docker Birthday Challenge -

Docker Birthday Show

Docker Captain extraordinaire, Bret Fisher, hosted the annual Docker Birthday show. He interviewed a lot of different people in the show, which has some great conversations and takeaways.

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