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I identify as a programmer who doesn't program outside of work; save for the odd bit of tinkering once in a blue moon.

While you can call any given person in our line of work a "programmer", I believe there is an important semantic difference: "coder" vs "developer".

For a coder, programming is the job. It's a systematic routine; read spec, produce result.

For a developer, programming is only part of the job: Along with design, project planning, deployment, operation, support, etc.

Personally, I fall on the developer end of the programming spectrum. While I don't necessarily breath, eat and sleep code all hours of the day; I do take problems/ideas home with me mentally to mull over evenings and weekends. The time to put those thoughts into code, however, is at the office.

This is what works for me, but as with anything, we're all individuals, so my spin on things isn't necessarily something that will work for another (or that another will even agree with in principle).

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