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re: Thanks for posting! I am a fan of VSC too. But I would love to see someone posting his Software who uses Linux or Windows. :)

Ask and ye shall receive. From the perspective of a Linux-using backend/db developer...

  • Komodo Edit: I prefer a more traditional editor but without the bulk of a full IDE.
  • Meld: Side-by-side file and directory comparison.
  • Guake Terminal: Quake-style, drop-down, tabbed terminal.
  • GitKraken: Git client.
  • Sometimes a diagram speaks louder than words; web-based flow, UML, logic chart designer.
  • DbVisualizer: Database navigation, relationship mapping, basic querying; supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and more.

With the exception of Guake, everything is cross-platform! :)


Thank you so much for sharing! seems extremly useful for me :) Cheer!

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