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Discussion on: Using .NET Cost Me My Job

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Vico Biscotti

Well, @walkingriver , I can unfortunately relate.
While I've been a manager myself and can understand that some decisions are necessarily based on factors that have nothing to do with "correctness", I still see too many managers taking the safe route. I think that many companies - especially large companies - just favor stagnation and avoidance of risks, and this shows in the company culture. Fact that is more than evident with your case with .NET. In 2005 only a blind could not see .NET was the ONLY way forward, from VB6. It was plain evident and declared by Microsoft itself, and a manager in swdev should have known it.
Thanks for sharing this story. I know by experience how writing those pieces can make some memories hurt again.

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Michael D. Callaghan Author

My pleasure. And while I admit the title is a bit click-baity, there are valuable lessons contained in the article. I'm glad you enjoyed it.