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Discussion on: Do you still work with jQuery?

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Victorio Berra

There is tons of software out there still using it, we use jQuery DataTables and DataTables Editor since they are very polished and work great. We also have a lot of legacy code in production and sometimes a little jQuery can deliver the interactivity we need on the page without needing to use a modern frontend framework with build steps and bundling and all that.

Refactoring also takes time and there is a lot to do and a lot of things that need to be built before there is spare time to refactor things that are working just fine in production and are not overly complex to maintain. You also have to weigh the costs of bringing in complex SPA frameworks, build steps, cicd stuff, and tooling that a whole team will need to learn and that will be around for a while.

We have some web software that is in prod and that is 20 years old. Is there any framework like React, Vue, Angular that are in prod for 20 years with no updates needed?