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re: Shopify was probably my worst experience with a technical interview, and was very disappointing. Sometimes people don't get jobs: sometimes they'r...

Thanks for documentating your experience here! I think the behaviors of these companies should be more transparent. Sites like Glassdoor and reviews like these keep them accountable.


Like I mentioned, it's hard to say where the issue was, and in something as charged as a job interview, it's hard to come across as unbiased.

In my personal opinion, it felt mostly just like the developers doing the interviews with me didn't have interview/management experience: how to get the most out of a candidate, topics to explore, etc.

The critical miscommunication was regarding a question to do with testing. The interviewer asked me what my current jobs architecture was and if we had automated tests. I said no, and when he asked why, I explained that it was a legacy product and that testing was difficult as the software wasn't written in a way to deeply support them.

My feedback from the followup was that the interviewer took my comments as suggesting I didn't believe in unit tests and thought they were a waste of time.

Silly things like this are easily solvable by taking notes and just being present, and it's a real kick in the teeth to feel like you have to play a he-said she-said game with a potential employer.

Yeah it sounded like the interviewer heard what they wanted to hear. They already made up their mind about you. Either that or they were incredibly lazy that day and just jotted down the first interpretation of your answer without taking any time at all to think about it. Both cases are sloppy and unprofessional.

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