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Don't mean to be a grammar nazi, but the terms are "scraping" and "scrape", not "scrapping" and "scrap". To "scrap" is to fight or to dispose of something metallic (as in "I took my old car for scrapping").


Yes, I need to improve on my writing in English skills. I'll do better next time.


And here I was, all giddy about the headline, thinking JavaScript would somehow rid us of Facebook πŸ˜‚


Just an FYI it's against Facebook's terms of service to scrape their site.


I just added a script to look for people by a profile picture. Don't think they will like it very much.


They offer a public API. I'd look into that if your interested in scraping their data.

It's not about the data. It's about what you can do with JavaScript and a console. I was able to revert search a person by a picture. I think it is kinda cool


Hey, I made a better video to demonstrate my script working:

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