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Discussion on: How I chose my Code Editor

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Federico Vidueiro • Edited

My first editor/IDE was Norton Commander Editor! Then I moved to Visual Basic 4... Visual Basic editor had really great stuff for that time, like code completion, debugging tools, documentation integrated, code generation and many other features (visual forms edition).
For ASP development I just used Windows Notepad.

After a dark era working with .NET (ASP/VB/C#) I move to C/C++, Java and PHP so I try from KDevelop to Eclipse passing through old Zend Studio (not the Eclipse version).

Nowadays I use VSCode for Node, PHP, and basic scripting like bash or dockerfile/docker-compose.
Android Studio (Intelli J) for Android development, and XCode for iOS as they are the easier/fastest way to get into development.
And last but not least VIM for a simple editing in command line while doing something else.

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Nelson Author

Dear God, Norton! You must have all white hair xD (kidding)
Was it hard to code in Norton? I'm asking because of your change to VB4..