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Discussion on: What's your non-internet career alternative?

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Jan Schröder • Edited

As a dev@35 career changer I can fall back onto the following work experiences if computers where to suddenly go away:

  • retail
  • bartending/service
  • event managment
  • audio engineering
  • sound design
  • recording artist
  • courier / personal transport
  • language teaching
  • learning coach
  • dog/cat sitter

Though, since I have done all those I would most likely open a coffee shop somewhere in downtown in a small corner and serve some niche gourmet espresso. OR, depending on the state of the world at large, open said coffee shop at some beach and ad a stand up paddling rental to the mix.

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Garrett Author

courier / personal transport

If the internet goes out forever, we'll definitely need to bike USB drives around town all the time!

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Jan Schröder

Hah, I just canceled my metro subscription to justify buying a new bike. Now I am commuting by bike 13km one way and loving it, so bike courier would be a part time option too.

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