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Discussion on: Is AWS killing Linux?

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Vinay Hegde • Edited on

Much appreciated comment & emotion!!

While I agree that infrastructure is better off being treated as cattle than pets, it still needs to be kept equally clean, well maintained and sustainable. (there's no point for a small org to run their apps as multiple Kubernetes pods having GB sized containers for a problem that can be solved with few VMs in the name of autoscaling)

The example of Elastic given by the author sounds incorrect as much of their good features are available in their enterprise versions and it costs Amazon a whole lot of effort/time even to keep OpenDistro close to the upstream.

Coming to the point of Linux being obsolete, I believe it's based on strong foundations and thus thrived even amidst fierce competition from Windows/Mac OS for servers. This'd be more apparent as more people realise the power of configurable community systems available for free than paying a bomb for proprietary tech.