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I've developed a habit of writing stuff that I wish to learn in my own words with reference URLs (blog posts, official documentation, how-to guides, etc..) that I often gather via mobile or desktop and sync in Google Keep and/or , the latter is a great app requiring an individual post in itself.

The ones saved via mobile make their way to PC but If I've access to a desktop already, here's how I create & maintain my documentation:

  1. First, I use reStructuredText to write my notes in .rst files (segregated topic-wise) in a Git repository.

  2. Then, Sphinx (a one-time setup) comes in to build all my documentation into static content (HTML, CSS, JS etc) using a single command.

  3. Afterwards, I push my changes and a Git web-hook (again, just a one-time setup) deploys it to ReadTheDocs onto a publicly accessible URL (you can choose this)

  4. Done! While the learning curve is a bit steep but once you get the hang of it, all you'd need to create documentation is a Text Editor and Git commits.

If you need an example, you can browse the one made by LetsEncrypt or the one I made here. Renders flawlessly on mobile without the additional overhead of any app (as it's just a URL) as well :)

PS: BoostNote appears to be amazing but according to this, the Android/iOS apps seem to be temporarily closed.


Good point about BoostNote, lacking of mobile (Android) client while they update code base is deal breaker for me :(


I agree! Having a Android client is as important as a Desktop one or a Web-app. This was the reason I moved onto Google Keep from ColorNote

However, both of them fall thoroughly short in rich-text formatting thus making me find an alternative described in my original comment.

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