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Discussion on: I Struggled Without a Mentor, These Things Helped Me Learn to Code

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Vincent Ha Vinh • Edited

In the part ”Start interacting with community” I would add ”Answer and write questions on StackOverflow” !

It s a good starting point to follow tags of technos you’re working with and check from time to time unanswered questions. For some not widespread technos, you can help new people lost just with the knowledge you currently got while working (so no homework !). And it is a first step in communicating with tech communities.

Answering questions improves your faculty to explain and communicate your knowledge.
Writing questions improves your faculty to seek help in a professional way or dig further in a subject that interests you, and get guidance from peers.

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Nabil Tharwat Author

That's a very solid point! Contributing to Stackoverflow will allow new developers a great deal of experience, even if their answers are downvoted or their comments disliked. It's a beautiful learning experience as well. I wish a "Pin this comment" button existed on DEV.