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re: I'm glad to see another pro-Linux post. I've always used Windows and still do just because I'm used to it. Reading these kinds of articles make me ...

Glad to hear your interest in Linux! I'd still say if you're dependant on games or proprietary software that's not available on Linux like the Adobe suit or MS office, you'd want to hold off on completely switching over. But then again, there's always the option of dual booting


With the exception of a few titles -- namely ones with invasive and draconian anti-cheat tools that are actively hostile toward Linux -- games work just fine under Linux.

There are definitely subtle compatibility issues between MS Office and the open source alternatives, so if 100% compatibility is necessary and if one needs features the MS Office web apps don't (yet?) provide, then that's a non-starter, but for the most part, either the web apps or LibreOffice and its ilk are sufficient. For example, I literally just bought the first MS Office license in over a decade, and it was only because I needed specific, cutting edge, and highly proprietary Excel functions that couldn't be used anywhere else.

Adobe unfortunately has been hostile to the prospect of supporting Linux, so that's definitely a non-starter if you need it, specifically. Interestingly enough, the need for Adobe products specifically has, in my experience, dwindled dramatically in a great many industries as better tools have arisen, most of which are cross-platform or web-based.

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