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Discussion on: What productivity tools are you using?

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Al Romano

Cool tool but I don't see why I would use this over DuckDuckGo's !bang search? I can search all of these things and more without having to download a desktop application... Also, setting DDG as the default search turns any browser into an instant search with the !bang operators.

Productivity Stack on Win10 Pro PC,

  • App - Best developer browser/tool I've used (front-end focus). Includes Internal Reference Browser and !cmd helper that appears to do what DevBook does built-in
  • Default Browser: Vivaldi
  • Hyper Terminal running Powershell v7.2
  • SolarPuTTY

  • Visual Studio Code /w 60 plugins ... oof.

  • Onivim 2 - backup IDE/text editor that feels like VSC+VIM had a baby

  • Notion

  • Todoist

  • Gmail + Streak CRM, Grammarly, Calendly Add-ons

  • Whereby (replaced Zoom)

  • Loom (Video/Screenshare presentations)

  • Slack (being freelance it's to notify me of stuffs, webhooks - rarely for actual chat)

  • Affinity Suite for Design (Photo, Design, Publisher)