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Podcasts For Developers

This is an updated version of a blogpost (on Medium) I wrote almost two years ago about podcasts.

With the vast amount of great, free resources there are for (new) developers, I find podcasts to be a beneficial but not too intense way to learn. You can listen to one in the car, train, gym, wherever and whenever really. I wanted to create a new post updating on what I wrote almost two years ago since there have been many new podcasts created. One other note is to always check out show notes for all the resources mentioned in the podcast, they are usually well documented on most shows.



Hosts: Wes Bos (@wesbos), Scott Tolinski (@stolinski)

Syntax is an amazing podcast hosted by two very knowledgeable developers, Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski. Well respected in the community, they are both content creators based in North America and publish both free and paid tutorials. The show focuses all topics of web development (languages, tools, libraries, career development, etc.). The show is released twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays. Monday is shorter format, known as a 'Hasty Treat', about 20 minutes in length. Releases on Wednesdays are just about an hour long. Don't be surprised if you hear about BBQ or breaking dancing (& hip hop) from time to time. They've also recently started featuring guests on the show.

Ladybug Podcast


Hosts: Lindsey Kopacz (@LittleKope), Ali Spittel (@aspittel), Emma Wedekind (@EmmaWedekind), Kelly Vaughn (@kvlly)

Debuting in the summer of 2019, Ladybug Podcast is a highly entertaining and resourceful podcast discussing various topics in the development world. If you feel like you don't talk about enough developer related things, this is a great listen. The power of four hosts make you feel very engaged in their conversations. They've shared their opinions and advice on things varying to favorite technologies to how to break into tech among other topics. It is a newer podcast but I would definitely subscribe to this one. 🐞🐞🐞🐞

The Undefined Podcast


Hosts: Ken Wheeler (@ken_wheeler), Jared Palmer (@jaredpalmer)

Another new one from earlier this year, The Undefined Podcast is highly entertaining. The show has a 2 drink minimum and always has a guest. Both Ken and Jared are great on Twitter, so just imagine listening them talk for an hour is a good listen. They strike the right balance between cracking jokes and talking tech, and its always insightful to listen to their opinions on things. Might be a break between episodes but the first ten are worth listening to.

React Podcast


Host: Michael Chan (@chantastic)

For anyone who's into React or looking to get into it, this podcast is a must listen to. Haven't listened to everyone but host Michael Chan, aka chantastic, brings on a guest to chat about React related things. Sometimes it can get a little technical (for me), sometimes more of a casual chat, but regardless is a great way to learn or get introduced to something new in the React ecosystem.

Fullstack Health


Hosts: Amberley Romo (@amber1ey), Kurt Kemple (@kurtiskemple)

Another podcast which has recently debuted this summer, this podcast focuses on another side of tech (hence the name). Amberley and Kurt, two great members of the tech community respectively, address mental and physical health in the tech industry. They will cover both, from personal experiences as well as feature guests to come speak on certain topics. I feel this is a subject which isn't discussed a whole lot, so I look forward to more episodes.

Base.cs Podcast


Hosts: Saron Yitbarek (@saronyitbarek), Vaidehi Joshi (@vaidehijoshi)

Ah computer can be a tough subject or a collection of topics to grasp. Many of us do not have a formal education in computer science (even some who do), so learning it can be a daunting task. There are many computer science resources but sometimes things just don't click. To supplement her great blog series (, this podcast was created to help developers learn computer science. Some of us learn by reading, for some listening helps, so this podcast is a great resource to help understand computer science topics.



Host: Saron Yitbarek (@saronyitbarek)

CodeNewbie is a wonderful community for new developers started by Saron Yitbarek. The podcast is interview style with covering all kinds of topics related to code. Some episodes feature a guest who has changed careers and now work in a development related job. Overall, it is a good resource to learn about new things in technology or a career in technology.

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Wes Dunn

I’d add to list list with:

Does Not Compute

  • Link:

  • Why I love it: Hosts are working devs, and also management in some form, so the perspective is well-rounded. Content is varied, but there is a lot of Elixir, Vue, and Nuxt related content.

Software Engineering Daily

  • Link:

  • Why I love it: Jeff (the host) in an EXCELLENT interviewer and consistently has great guests discussing a wide variety of relevant topics. It is delivered daily and has a pattern of focusing in on a topic for a series of consecutive episodes, so not everything will feel relevant to you personally. In light of this, the podcast is available in “best of” style casts where you can subscribe to only the topic you’re interested in. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they have a solid mobile app and website.

An Animated Guide to Node.js Event Loop

Node.js doesn’t stop from running other operations because of Libuv, a C++ library responsible for the event loop and asynchronously handling tasks such as network requests, DNS resolution, file system operations, data encryption, etc.

What happens under the hood when Node.js works on tasks such as database queries? We will explore it by following this piece of code step by step.