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Discussion on: Google Calendar API Integration Made Easy

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vitality82 • Edited

I'm also very interested in this scenario. Some apps will have just have a one-time connect with google calendar (OAuth + consent) and from there on, any events created in that app will show up on my calendar, or on any users google calendars within that app.

I don't see how this could be automated as if you imported a webcal URL into google. I assume each time your application created an event it needs to push that event to all your users calendars (who already autorized your app) or, there is just one syncing server (Google CalDAV?) that your application can push events to, and that server knows how to update client calendars?

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This is specifically designed to integrate an "administrated calendar" into a website. So this doesn't display user data, it displays data from a calendar that is administered behind the scenes and then displayed on a website.

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