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Discussion on: Where does Python Shine Over Node?

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Vitaly Krenel • Edited on

Hey @duhdugg ! Thanks for the great clarification on the technical details! I don't have Python experience, while mostly working on with JS/Node and PHP/Ruby world, so it was quite interesting to read that Python is not implementation itself, but CPython is.

I was wrongly assuming, for some reason, that Python is a self-hosted language, but now when I think that I heard about IronPython and CPython before, it makes sense - so those are not complier ports, but rather implementations. Should have explored this long ago, silly me. Thanks, you let me gather together those pieces in my head 😅

Continuing on the @mjcapecci question, I'm also curious about product use cases where Python as backend language would be a preferred choice over JS on the backend. I.e. the advantages of the two from the business side.

If you have experience working with both Python and Js and backend developer, would be interesting to hear for what type of project you would use Python over JS (excluding personal tastes and language proficiency).

For example, you might consider criteria like the speed of development, ecosystem size, language innate performance, maybe some other things.

Would be interesting to hear 🙂