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The pain of aggregations in MongoDB Compass

Visakh Vijayan
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Why are aggregations so tough in MongoDB compass? It takes so much time to use the pipeline builder to create a multi-stage aggregation. I feel it is so much easier in Robo3t. It so less fancy and so much faster. Yet somehow all my Fiverr clients use Compass.

Recently I discovered you can write aggregations in the Shell part of Compass in case you want to see the output directly. Like below.

Alt Text

One of my clients taught me that I can export code to a specific language too from the Compass Export option like so. It supports Java, Python, Node, and C# as of now.

Alt Text

I really hope they make the aggregation pipeline simpler.

Please do comment if there is an easier way of doing this. Would really help me out.

Happy programming!

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Anuj Pancholi

I use robo3t. Pick a collection, quickly write queries or some small scripts, no nonsense. Very few bells and whistles. A bit buggy though.

But I didn't know about a few of these features in compass. Might consider trying them out.

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Visakh Vijayan Author

Yeah Robo3t is so cool to write queries in. I often have issues when connecting via SSH though. I noticed compass used to work nicely when Robo had such issues.

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Peter Harrison

Coding a aggregation from the ground up is a painful experience. My own approach was to have a runtime schema defined, and then to use a UI to configure the transformation. My app then translates the transform and associated schema into an aggregation to run. The code behind this is in serious need of a refactor, but the principle works very well. The focus here is on users being able to easily configure queries. You are welcome to look at the code.