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Discussion on: Tips to use VSCode more efficiently

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Vladimir López Salvador • Edited

None of the posts regarding vscode mention it's hability to use the awesome postfix completion that exists in webstorm. It comes as an extension, but is awesome.

For example, if you wanna write to the console:

"This is shown on console".log

After typing that and hitting TAB, the text transforms to:

console.log("This is shown on console")

And the same can be made with if statements:

isActive && isWorking.if

// Transforms to
if (isActive && is working) {
  // cursor here

A feature I can't live without

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Sebastian Andil Author

Had no idea about this - definitely looks cool!
Mind providing a link to that extension?

PS: if no one’s writing about this, it’s a perfect opportunity to do so yourself!

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Vladimir López Salvador

TS/JS Postfix Completion is the name.

Haven't write an article because it's just what I commented plus the hability to create your own postfix snippets.

Maybe you could update this article with this info?

Glad you like it.