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Discussion on: Don't believe the hype.

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Vladimir Kapustin

Totally agree with author. New technologies that make more effective the result are wonderful things - that is the progress! But thousands of unnecessary solutions which only repeating existing ones, sometimes with minor changes, this is real trash but not an innovation. If you have an instrument that absolutely solves your tasks - use it, or at least you can make it better (But be sure that there are already people who responsible for it :)) People often make product to prove their value, but not to make "something new". It is just wasting of employer`s money or their own time. If things are like that it means that people cannot propose something new but only imitating. Sorry for seditious comment.

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Chris Bertrand Author

That's right Vladimir, progress is a wonderous thing, and people can and should test out these tools and learn from them. Just don't think they'll solve all your problems!