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I'm still a bit being afraid to try out React hook, but it looks really cool.
May I carefully ask you how you think about Vue 3.0?

I learned Vue first and recently trying to learning React for a practical reason. I honestly prefer Vue more, but people's comment about Vue makes me worried a bit. I read both criticism and justifying but still, it's hard for me to determine, due to my lack of knowledge.


React seems intimidating to start, but quickly gets easier. I think that's what everyone loves about it.


I hope so. I couldn’t reach that point yet.


yea that's what I thought when I started using React. But when you understand the basic concepts like Components, Props,State,Binding Functions, and Immutability it really gets easier.


Yea it's coming and it looks really awesome. RFC Proposal API.


Oh. This is really interesting. Glad to for hear that. Thank you for the information!

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