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Discussion on: Serverless Docker Patterns

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Vladimir Pavlychev

Hi, thanks a lot for this article.
I think that this style of presentation, in spite of the attached code, still requires a link to the github repository (IMHO).

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Ken Collins Author

Thanks! Hoping this helps. If you follow the Lamby Quick Start ( you will have a project folder that showcases using Docker for Rails development, test, and deploy tasks. These code snippets can be cleanly applied to that. In fact, I already applied the SSH pattern to the project because it is easy to add without negatively effecting other platforms. But I have not applied the docker-sync to the Lamby quick start because I feel that is a choice someone should make for themselves or their teams.

Code wise, if you wanted to see it without running the Lamby quick start, you can see it in action in this repo, docker-compose, SSH, etc.