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This was backbone. took down so much.

Goo are in trouble Ben.

  • if you know what I know then you know to be concerned. It's one thing to be a bad company. It's another to do what was done. It's all documented.

I know, tech ppl don't like to address this type of stuff (though risk is reward) but none of it was me. Look at what many experts from that era are saying/doing.

There was plenty of stable scaled tech pre Google. Akamai. Aol.

Microsoft once thought it could own the Internet. That is not being allowed to happen twice. You wouldn't be able to have this site if people didn't fight back then. Same applies now. Sides get noticed.

Sorry goo people (I know ppl there since skiing days, I would have done a worse job for sure + I would not be in tech) but that is that.

Origin story. 👀

On that note, I am done.


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