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Scan AWS IAM Keys In A Commit

- Sometimes developers add their env file to git commit which contains AWS Access key, to avoid this, we can use git HOOK to check personal key first and use merge_request pipeline job to check before merging the commit to branch

What’s In This Document

πŸš€ How to scan all AWS keys

#!/usr/bin/env python
import boto3
import subprocess as sub
import re
import threading

def get_commit_change_content():
    output = sub.check_output(["git", "show"])
    return output

def scan_iam_access_keys():
    iam = boto3.client('iam')
    users = iam.list_users()['Users']
    commit_change = get_commit_change_content()

    def check_key(the_key):
        if['AccessKeyId'], str(commit_change)):
            print(f"Detect {the_key['AccessKeyId']}")

    def check_user(the_user):
        user_name = the_user['UserName']
        print("Get keys")
        access_keys = iam.list_access_keys(UserName=user_name)['AccessKeyMetadata']
        for key in access_keys:
        print(f"Done {user_name}")

    for user in users:
        user_thread = threading.Thread(target=check_user, args=(user,))

if __name__ == '__main__':
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πŸš€ Test A Commit

  • Create text file eg. sample.txt which contains an AWS key
  • Run test
⚑ $ ./ 
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  • For offline way, we can use the pattern (A3T[A-Z0-9]|AKIA|AGPA|AIDA|AROA|AIPA|ANPA|ANVA|ASIA)[A-Z0-9]{16} to scan the repository or the commit changes

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