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I think that this portion is a bit disingenuous "Before TS, other solutions to this problem existed, but none solved it natively, and without making you do extra work."

TS is not native and not without extra work.

I'm fine with transpiling ES6 to ES5 if you have to support older browsers because it's still standardized javascript and as a full-stack developer you'll be writing server-side code in ES6 and will instinctively continue to write it for js destined for the client... Why force the context switch if a workflow can sort that out.

I'm less OK with using some vendor's interpretation of how the language should be even if there's potentially some benefit to it. The fact that it's not a part of vanilla Javascript is why there's scala.js, st-js, and js++ in addition to typescript...

I do recognize the same argument could be levied against my use of SASS. The distinction -- in my mind -- is that if SASS fails to compile the page still renders (poorly, but the content is still available), the app will start, etc. If javascript fails to transpile it won't run and I can't abide that.

I agree with everything else I read, though I might advocate nightwatch or puppeteer over selenium proper.

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