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Both of my parents have been working in tech by the time I was in more or less conscious age (about 6 or so). And one day they've bought me a book that have probably changed my whole life. It was in Russian and it was called "Prof. Fortran's Encyclopaedia" (you can search for it, DuckDuckGo shows it right up front if you search for the name, while Google does not). We didn't really have comics in Russia, but it was probably the first and the only comic book about IT ever issued in Russia. In a few short stories it was illustrating the construction and principles behind a computer, from a PC to mainframes, programming languages (probably BASIC), networks, etc. And man, I was hooked. All I wanted since was a real computer.

At my school we were lucky enough to have programming classes (only few schools in my city have had them back in the day), but they were intended for older kids. I have convinced my teacher and my parents to let me attend those classes when I was 8. There I've learned Pascal and wrote my first real lines of code. Then I've tried some of Delphi (basically as GUI extension for Pascal), C, C++, C#. My teacher hasn't been able to keep up with my pace, so she'd introduced me to some local university profs, who I'd participated several competitions with. My further career was pretty much solved at this point.

I went to the university where I've studied Computer Systems Architectures, learned a ton about various low-level stuff - CPU architectures, microcontrollers, networks, programmable logic circuits, etc. Even implemented my own little OS in Assembler. On my 3rd year in the university I've got my first real job in telecommunication company, where I was probably the youngest employee of the department.

As you can see, I've tried myself in quite a lot of different realms of IT, but finally 3 years ago I've settled in with iOS development. It was (and still is) a charm. I'm really happy to work in tech and on every opportunity I encourage everyone to try programming - there's a change it would change their lives just as it has changed mine 20-something years ago once and for all. It was a long journey and I'm sure that most of it is still waiting for me in the future.

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