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re: For this "Multiples of 15" test, my refactored version would be something like "Multiples of 15" { forAll(BigInteger.positi...

Great refactoring!

Still the "15 * nb" part requires a mental leap.

Example tests are nice because, when written well, they can be read very quickly (like prose).

Another thing. So what if I don't need my code to handle overflows? Because all the numbers that business wants to work with are under 500.

YAGNI in that case.

I've taken a look at the presentation. And I'm still convinced that 2 tests is enough to drive out correct "add" code if you follow 3 rules of TDD.

And if you doubt that I thought about this enough, here is my own presentation about PBT: github.com/waterlink/property-base...

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