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re: I used to try Eclipse and PyCharm back in the day and even though I could build Python things in Eclipse, it felt like it was built for writing Jav...

Yes, it generally does. I can switch seamlessly between different languages and run my build/test with the same shortcuts. Main refactorings are present in most of the languages. As well as auto-imports.

Of course, Java/Kotlin has top-notch support. Then Ruby/Python/Php has 2nd-place support because they are dynamic. Then you have all the other languages with medium-level support: Golang, Swift, etc.

Basically, Ultimate edition contains all the other JetBrains product inside of it in a form of a plugin you can install. Used PyCharm/RubyMine/PhpStorm/WebStorm/Goland/etc?—that’s a Python/Ruby/Php/Javascript-Typescript/Golang/etc plugin in Ultimate.

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