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Discussion on: What are the least expensive cloud providers at various levels of use?

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Will Ceolin

The combination of Vercel + Firebase is very cost-effective to me. You can literally run your project for free until you have enough users (when you'll have the revenue to pay for their services).

Even when that happens, you can easily run a complex project paying less than $30/month and have a full platform for developing, testing, auto-deployments, caching, etc., and not caring about infrastructure at all. I spend less than 1 hour/year on DevOps for projects running on Vercel + Firebase, which makes them even more cost-effective.

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Wow that's awesome 😀👍

Btw, would you suggest Vercel or Netlify? Which one's better?

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Colum Ferry

I'd say the firebase one is true to a degree. However, depending how you've written your Firestore code, you could end up exceeding your free quota very quickly.

There's a lot more thought needed around, when to read data from firestore and how often you do so.

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Complex project less than $30/month? May I know how many users are using your app?

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

Firebase is more of a PaaS than and IaaS