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Very touching piece. The path to being a developer isn't always easy, but only with determination and the help of the almighty can one get there. Good to know your finding your bearings and gaining new grounds.
From your story I gather that programming is something one has to be passionate about before going into it. Its in-born. One must be typically self motivated to start with.


Theres so many who code for a living and aren't passionate about it and it's perfectly fine! Even I fluctuate due to burnout. I think what got me through was less about passion and more about a determination to acquire this skill so I can have some type of freedom 💙


Yep, I get your point. If I may say, its rare to come out and say "I have passion for coding". Its the passion of what we desire to make, keep or achieve that drives our determination to stay with the code and stick to the plan. Thanks for clarifying...

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