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Discussion on: Bash random password generator

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Andrea Giammarchi

I'm afraid the internet works differently: people pick a trusted site and copy and paste (see Stack Overflow) so this is really a bad, security speaking, advice, hint, suggestion, whatsoever, beginner thingy ... because beginners should be the first one to understand that security is not a joke.

Please update this post ASAP and remove that script before it damages some clueless copy-paster.

Thanks for your help in making this site a better place for beginners too 👋

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Alex Georgiev Author

I agree with with, the script has been modified. Thanks for the valuable input!

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Andrea Giammarchi • Edited

I've removed my initial comment, as the post has been updated and there is no place for that comment anymore.

Thank you for the update, I know it feels less "wow" or "cool" now, but it was the right thing to do 👍