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Yes I'm using it.
Why? Because that's the only framework I know.

But I'm not using the entirety of it. Like many create a whole responsive website using nothing but Bootstrap, but I'm only using some of its classes, such as ones of display,margin,padding,background/text colors,width etc. So mostly the basics.

Although it's far from perfect, some classes should have much more variants, like w class has only 4: w-25|50|75|100.

For cases like this, I've created my own classes, like w-1|2|3..., or some break-point specific classes, like w-lg-1|2|3...

Also I created classes for positioning too, such as top-1|2|3.../top-md-1|2|3..., and so on.


I see, so you're using the utility classes heavily. Do you use any of the components? What about the grid?


Oh I do use some of the components, I totally forgot that. It's become so natural that I'm using them, that I've really forgot they are all bootstrap components.

They are really useful, especially the modals, those are my personal favourites. But I'm using MDB's enhanced(?) version of these components.

About the grid, I don't really use it.

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