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re: Hi there, My name is Paige and I'm back in the SF Bay Area after spending five years in France and Denmark. I'm a Computational Linguist with dat...

Welcome Paige! Great to see another Jupyter-loving data scientist coming on board, we're definitely short on #jupyter posts so looking forward to seeing some stories along those lines. There's also a lot of #career posts you might be interested in checking out. What made you decide to go from freelancing to full-time though? I've always wanted to go the other way (full-time to freelancing) and just interested to know why someone would go the other way.

P.S. Love the tiger travel photos by the way! Used to do a lot of bokeh shots myself :)


Hi Wei Ji,

Great to hear from you! Thanks for the recommendations and props.

I've been freelancing for awhile because I was very attracted to the digital-nomad lifestyle: i.e., I wanted to live abroad but still work jobs that were relevant for the SF Bay Area. It was a great experience. I was able to learn two foreign languages and see, smell, hear, taste and experience a great deal of new things.

I'd love to see some of your bokehs!

Yeah the nomad lifestyle is definitely something I'd like to experience at some point. Did you find it hard learning two new languages? I felt like I picked up Spanish well enough before in South America but not sure if it applies to other Latin-based languages in Europe. Trying to apply for a student exchange to Austria next year (fingers crossed!) so that's why I'm asking :)

Not a perfect bokeh but here's one I dug up from my rusty archive:

Young shoot in rainforest

I like it. It is soft-spoken yet speaks for itself.

I didn't find it hard to learn two new languages only because I'm entirely passionate about foreign languages. Spanish is helpful but not necessarily for German lol. You'll find some common threads but not as many as you would between Spanish and French for example... You never know though—sometimes a random skill can come in handy at an unlikely, opportune moment.

Also crossing my fingers for your exchange next year!

Yes it's funny how languages work aye. Best way is always to just immerse yourself into a foreign country! Anyways, thanks for your thoughtful comments and once again, welcome to :D

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