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Wes Bos Ask Me Anything

After some successful blog posts, I had a few publishers ask me to write a book on Sublime Text. I'm pretty business savvy so I quickly realized it was a terrible deal where they pay you peanuts.

So - I decided to write the thing myself. I will detail this more on my podcast in 2 weeks - it's already recorded.

stickers? - the stickers are a bit of labour of love - I don't make much (it used to be a loss until I figured a few things out!) from them but I do it because it's really fun to make something real and it give me a chance to connect with the people who take my courses.

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Jordan Sayner

Ah cool. I'll keep an eye out for the podcast. Love podcasts.

As for the stickers. Glad you figured out a way to make money from them. They look lovely on my laptop