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Discussion on: I'm Wes Bos, Ask Me Anything!

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Wes Bos Ask Me Anything

Yeah most FP stuff gets real deep real quick and lots of devs are left more confused than when they came in. It's not that people are scared, it just is often way over their heads.

unpopular opinion: If you are just learning JS, don't worry about FP or OOP - just make it work. As you get better, you'll pick up little pieces of FP and start to realize why everyone is so hyped about it.

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Marcus Nielsen

Thanks Wes!
I hope FP community gets more spread. There's some beginner friendly content available so you don't need to get over your head when starting out.

I agree totally with your opinion. Just learn to get things done. And if we can learn to code better it doesn't matter what it's called.