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not possible.

need to watch a 4-hour uncle bob's talk about science, human nature, computing history, animal kingdom, finance, business, nuclear medicine, quantum mechanics, geography, chinese war history, dc motors, sun tzu, religion, spanish colonization of 15th century, post victorian furniture style, oysters, art patronization from religious entities in XIV century, black holes, ms-dos, cold blooded animals evolution, fire ants, denim, woodworking, radiotelescope arrays, sugar beets, perpetual motion, metric system, the mechanical characteristics of walnut, atari lynx, sony betamax, commercial rockets and privately managed satellite networks, babbage, difference between grafting and cutting, gmo, roman siege weapons, goats, armchairs, before you are prepared to learn about clean architecture.


Hahahahah no problem i found it very funny and interesting too. Thanks anyway.


Sorry for ruining your thread.
I hope you get more serious answers :D Robert Martin is known for... talks covering strange topics :D

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