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Discussion on: Connecting to WordPress using C#

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Audrey White

Hi, this post has been super helpful to me. I am a student developing a Xamarin iOS app for a current Wordpress WooCommerce site. I was able to retrieve the products and display within the app. I can also add products, however I am unable to upload images from my iPhone into the WordPress wp-content library. Is there a way to upload images directly to the wp-content media library with WordPress PCL?
Thank you for this post!

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Yeison Lapaix Author

Hi Audrey, thanks to you for your feedback. You can upload images using the client.Media object and methods. For example:

 var createdMedia = await client.Media.Create(@"C:\pathToFile\media.jpg","media.jpg");

Check more details here in the documentation: Working with Medias

I hope this can help you.