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Discussion on: Building a Web-Based Real-Time Computer Vision App with Streamlit

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Yuichiro Tachibana (Tsuchiya) Author

Hello, thank you for trying the app.

Recently a similar question has been raised here:
Can you please refer to this, and let me know again if it does not help?

Is it due to the permissions involving the getUserMedia() API to access local webcams

I'm not sure, but there can be more reasons, as stated in the issue above, such as network connectivity issue.
If there is a problems on getUserMedia() API, an error may appear on the page, not in the console as below.

Regarding to analytics.js, I think it may not be related to this issue.
It seems to be for Google Analytics and embedded into the page by Streamlit Sharing platform,
as neither Streamlit nor streamlit-webrtc are using it.