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Boostnote looks really cool! Great recommendation, definitely going to check it out. Always looking for Markdown and code friendly editors.

I recently had a meltdown on my Mac that caused me to lose a lot of application specific data, so I've been on the hunt for cloud-based solutions to backup my work to.

I currently use (and loathe) Evernote. It's a love/hate. I love how easy it is to save snippets anywhere to a cloud, I hate their app. It's buggy and doesn't load half the time. And it doesn't support Markdown or code snippets. But it's hard to find another cloud-based alternative that I prefer.

For code snippets I'm constantly saving things to Github's Gist service. I've been looking for another cloud-based solutions for snippets that's a bit easier to navigate though.

For more data-centric notes that fair better in a tabular format, I use Airtable. It's been a fantastic way to take data and create different "views" to visualize data (like a Calendar view for my blog article table -- or relational views to compare two tables).

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