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So sorry to hear about your father. Kia kaha (as we say in NZ).

A strategy that I had followed to get into programming after a complete change of career had been to aim for a fairly new technology for which there was rapidly growing demand. Your github repo suggests that you are into javascript. I would recommend to start with vuejs. You will find a free course on

Having a concrete project to show off would greatly help. You mention that you are a possible artist. An option is to combine programming and visual expression is Visualisation. You could start small and gradually grow in complexity, while getting great visibility, without spending a dime, by using the site The proposal of that site is to become a registry of reusable visual components. You could start with simple presentational infographics such as these Then move to interactive visualisations. Then get into more and more intricate components. Then move to full page. Then get to full app. You might greatly benefit from reading, in parallel, about design systems -

Alternatively, if you have a mind for maths, you can experiment with generative arts to create impressive content in only a few days. Here are a few people into this on codepen:,,

For cybersecurity, you will find a list of free books at You will find more ressources by searching for You will need to demonstrate some familiarity with server deployment. You can get free hosting with or predictable (fixed at $5/month) on

Best of luck!


Thank you for the possible pathways it's greatly appreciated


I found enjoyable to learn. It is easy to get started with, and soon enough you will be making cool visuals on the web.

Thanks you,started using the docs as a reference

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