How to integrate Spotify and Genius API to easily crawl song lyrics with Python

Will Soares on April 08, 2018

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Hi i'm wondering one thing. I'm new to coding so be nice.

I downloaded the code from github, i'm testing it on a server, the genius token has been added.

I managed to get beautiful soup and python downloaded for my server. When I use the command python3 [changes] [2pac] I get told that the song (or any) cannot be found. I have not implemented the spotify side of the code. My understanding was i could test the genius part manually before plugging in the spotify part. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a bunch in advance!



Yeah if you're passing the song and artist name it shoulnd't need to go through dbus stuff, so you'de be fine to just call Genius API.
I'm wondering -- are you running the command with the square brackets around the artist and song name?


Hi Will, nice post!

I don't know why they removed it, they might have had a deal gone south with the lyrics provider:

BTW does Genius API expose the annotations?


Hey, rhymes! I'm glad you liked.

Yes, they do have an endpoint for annotations, it is /annotations/:id


Nice stuff Will. Definitely going to read up on that D-Bus API, very useful stuff. Good work man.


Thanks Emmanuel, I appreciate your feedback!


This is very cool but is there a way to do this without dbus? I've tried looking for running dbus on windows and it seems pretty unclear.


I created a very similar program but one that used the Spotify API to receive the current playing song and artist -


This is a great alternative! Thanks for pointing it out!

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