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How can pixels have a constant relation to inches?
A pixel at 1080p on my 17" laptop is surely much smaller (physically) than a pixel at 1080p on my 50" tv?


I was immediately confused as well. I guess, the author got that one pretty wrong.


px aren't pixels.

They are more like an "average pixel" that browsers should scale to real pixels.

This way they are much similar to actual pixels in which developers are accustomed to think in while mantaining their average real size across devices.


I read a bit more about this, and it seems that a Joan is correct. A "CSS pixel" is different from a hardware pixel.

"A CSS pixel, on the other hand, is designed to be roughly equivalent across devices. If you load the same website on side-by-side devices with a similar physical dimensions, but different pixel ratios, the website will appear to be roughly the same visual size."

A good read:


Sorry for the confusion guys. I was thinking pt and typing px. D'oh! But I've corrected it above.

Just for clarity, px maps to a pixel on your screen. Pt are the units that are 1/72 of an inch.

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