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Discussion on: Facebook is down, discuss...

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willsmart • Edited on

It probably has nothing to do with a rogue dependency, but this has maybe a 5% chance of fitting what happened
Original here: xkcd image )

Edit: this is the actual thing that happened:
It seems that some poor soul at fb issued a bunch of BGP withdrawal updates.

I've updated the pic, bringing it up to maybe a 90% change of being on the money

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Interesting. I was looking into the BGP a few years back and I think we realized that that system would allow for massive hacks. It’s an ancient system that is poorly protected yet at the core of everything…

So it could be this was a mistake as they claim.

Or it would also be the first vector of attack a serious actor would use.

It’s exactly like this picture if the internet is a castle with many locks gates and controls then the BGP is the back door that someone left open.

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Fred Richards

I thought it was DNS at first, too. It's kinda ironic that it ended up being a BGP problem. It's almost as if Facebook forgot how to be an internet company.

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𒊩Wii 💖💛💚💙💜💝💟

I had a similar thought when I heard about what happened:

months ago: "Hey, did you hear? Bob got fired the other day" - "Bob? What did that guy do here anyway?"
now: "Oh."