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re: Absolutely true. I was only referring to the use of the word "insane" which just sounds very unknowing/ignorant to me. FWIW, now that we use TS fo...

Fair enough. I didn't mean insane in the sense of completely without reason, just in the sense that it was badly thought out.

The thing is that nulls are now baked into JS at a few levels, so in our own code we can avoid them, but they pop up throughout the various JS apis, eg

> /a/.exec('b')
< null
> document.body.getAttribute('a')
< null

That's what I mean by the loose "insane" comment. It was a mistake that was bad enough that as JS devs we're now best off to generally avoid the fundamental null value in JS.

I totally agree with you about TS, which corrects many of these issues, and how in JS we're best to use undefined whereever possible.

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