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Discussion on: Should you pick C# over JS? Maybe.

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wireless90 • Edited

I find that Tim Myers made a very important point.

"One of the things that struck me as funny when I came back to dotnet was the fact that if you search online for how to do something the C# code snippets you find are going to be fairly similar. Whereas, with JavaScript you can find 100 posts with 100 different ways to do things."

C# is so well structured its good that there is only a few ways of doing something. Being in this industry, I feel its not really about how easy it is to use a language, its how easy it is for others to read your code. And C# is good for that, no real surprises in code where u need to pause and think what this function does as their naming conventions are all solid.

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Tim Myers Author

Yes exactly, if you look at my JavaScript code you are going to be confused. It seems like with JavaScript a lot of times I'm trying to "make it work".

With C# there are only a few ways to do a particular task so if you and I sat down and were asked to write a simple controller with GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE verbs. Our code would look similar.

But if we did the same in JavaScript maybe you use axios and I use fetch, and our code would no doubt come out looking quite different.