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re: I posted this to the elm sub reddit to start some discussion. I didn't even realize there was a commenting section at the bottom of your blog. r...

Haha, I want to stop spending time on this, but it is just triggering too much to not respond.

The post from u/elm_mods says:

There are good reasons why this feature request has not been accepted,

Then it links to this issue

So I spend a LOT of time trying out how to achieve TC-like behaviour in Elm. It is entirely impossible. And that issue does not actually explain any of those "Good Reasons".

being requested again and again.

Maybe people have a good reason for needing this? Maybe they are not just writing a Super Mario clone... ? Evan does not want to hear this. I have seen several issues where submitters spend a lot of effort explaining what they are doing; and eventually the issue is locked or closed and submitter is sent to another language.

Ironically and infuriatingly, one cannot comment on any of these issue, as they are both locked.

THAT is the issue with Elm.

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